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Enigma Lord

Enigma Lord

Enigma Lord

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[WSA 2024]

A man named Joe Walker wakes up in a mysterious place. He finds himself trapped without any way out, no doors, ventilation, or any other air ducts. Surprisingly, he doesn't need to breathe in that place.

Slowly, he realizes that he has lost his memory. The only thing he knows is his own name, Joe Walker.

He encounters someone who introduces themselves as an angel. This angel explains what is happening to him.

As time passes, he starts to uncover information about himself. He is also given some tasks, although strangely, he is not forced to do them. Feeling bored, Joe Walker accepts the tasks from the angel.

As time goes by, he will discover his true self and his past identity. He eventually realizes that he was never trapped in that room. The room actually belongs to him. The mystery of his lost memory remains unknown to him.

However, he will slowly uncover the reasons behind his memory loss. All the events he has gone through are interconnected.

This is the journey of 'Enigma Lord,' the tale of a master from a strange place located beyond the entire concept of space and time. He is a chosen soul as the 'Enigma Lord' and becomes one of the 'outer gods.' Witness the enjoyable and laughter-filled journey he will face in various universes and different dimensions.