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Fifth King

Fifth King

Fifth King

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My name is Shaytan. Just Shaytan.

I get up at five o'clock every morning then I eat my cereal, fried eggs, or toast. After that, I brush my teeth for about three minutes trying really hard to avoid any contact with the damn bogey living in the mirror.

I have a roommate, a werewolf. We are best friends and also classmates. After school, I work as a bartender in a nearby pub, where apart from your regular humans, other creatures also get together for a drink.

Aside from these little things, I lived a pretty normal life until my everydays got completely fucked up. The peacefulness of the night seems to be over, the Fifth King is preparing for war — perhaps for world domination —, and common sense has evaporated somewhere along the way.

And somehow, I got right in the middle of this glorious mess.