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Total Blackout KARIMA ALI - DAY 262

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Karima had been tasked by Colonel Lejeune to oversee the destruction of the Neuilly Bridge, located north of Puteaux. It was a remarkable structure spanning the Seine and resting on a long island, the Île du Pont de Neuilly, or simply the Île du Pont. There were other bridges to destroy, but that wasn't her mission.

The Neuilly Bridge, like all the others between Boulogne and Saint-Denis, had to be severed, which was easier said than done.

It was very wide and sturdy to support the daily passage of several hundred thousand vehicles. There were eight lanes to which the metro lines had to be added.

A train was actually immobilized in the middle of the bridge. Passengers had forced the doors open and evacuated it when the outage surprised them at the end of that fateful day. Unsurprisingly, there was nothing of value inside.

It was precisely at this spot that Operation

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