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In a dystopian alternate reality where genetic experimentation has gone wrong, and cybernetic ascension is the new focus, Alex, a high schooler, awakens in a clandestine laboratory only to discover he's been reincarnated as a clone of an ancient, shape-shifting humanoid. Alex attempts to escape captivity, only to be thwarted by his classmates, now cybernetic puppets of the world government organisation “Ascension”, who cruelly shoot Alex in the head despite recognising him. Mysteriously surviving the killing blow, Alex awakens in a wasteyard of the Genesis District, where all failed genetic experiments, derogatorily referred to as the “Flawed”, live in misery and oppression. Enraged by the betrayal of his classmates and the inhumane treatment of the Flawed, Alex sets on a path of vengeance and revolution, unearthing dark secrets about a lost and forgotten past, opposing Ascension, and discovering his evolutionary potential…which may turn out to be more powerful than he could ever imagine… --- Upload Schedule --- Guaranteed Upload: Mon, Wed, Fri Extra Upload: Sat, Sun *Release timings are not fixed, will vary due to author's real life schedule, might change in the future, depending on reader comments \/ reviews.
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