Enigma Lord
1 Enigma Lord author:WhereIsHumanity sort: urban 2038 read
[WSA 2024] A man named Joe Walker wakes up in a mysterious place. He finds himself trapped without any way out, no doors, ventilation, or any other air ducts. Surprisingly, he doesn't need to breathe in that place. Slowly, he realizes that he has lost his memory. The only thing he knows is his own name, Joe Walker. He encounters someone who introduces themselves as an angel. This angel explains what is happening to him. As time passes, he starts to uncover information about himself. He is also given some tasks, although strangely, he is not forced to do them. Feeling bored, Joe Walker accepts the tasks from the angel. As time goes by, he will discover his true self and his past identity. He eventually realizes that he was never trapped in that room. The room actually belongs to him. The mystery of his lost memory remains unknown to him. However, he will slowly uncover the reasons behind his memory loss. All the events he has gone through are interconnected. This is the journey of 'Enigma Lord,' the tale of a master from a strange place located beyond the entire concept of space and time. He is a chosen soul as the 'Enigma Lord' and becomes one of the 'outer gods.' Witness the enjoyable and laughter-filled journey he will face in various universes and different dimensions.
Latest updates: Life [Part 6]
Genius Martial Arts Trainer
2 Genius Martial Arts Trainer author:dae_7583 sort: urban 1989 read
Cho Kang-hyuk, the owner of a large fitness center, woke up to find himself a young disciple at Shaolin Temple. Upload twice a day, five times a week.
The Demon Lord’s Bride (BL)
3 The Demon Lord’s Bride (BL) author:Aerlev sort: urban 1880 read
Getting transmigrated inside a novel is not really a bad thing—you know the story, you have the power of the future in your hand, you know all the hidden keys. You might as well end up as the most powerful and omniscient being in that world. That is, if you don’t wake up during the epilogue. And yet I find myself in the body of a fallen priest at the end of the novel, a tragic hero who had his mana circuit broken in the last war, being shunned, drown in debt, and destined to die not long after. Fortunately, I know just the cure. Unfortunately, the cure was in the hand of one of the Demon Lords—you know, the race that my kingdom just wage war with. Would he give me the cure if I asked him politely? There’s no harm in trying, right? I’d die if I didn’t get the cure, anyway. “Sure, but you have to be my bride as the price,” the Demon Lord said. ...huh? Sir, you know I’m (technically) a priest, right?
The One Above All.
4 The One Above All. author:Freakshow sort: urban 1005 read
In a world abandoned by The Almighty, ancient malevolent forces have resurfaced, vying for supremacy across the realms. However, these primal demons pale in comparison to the true threat that looms – Genesis, a mere human. With the departure of God, Genesis, a believer who once feared him, finally will be able to unleash his unrestrained ambitions upon others. Will the absence of divinity pave the way for his profane conquest?
Latest updates: The Dance of The Macabre
My Bratty Wife
5 My Bratty Wife author:Cameron_Rose_8326 sort: urban 2443 read
[WARNING: MATURE CONTENTS AND SLOW BURN] Suzy, a modern-day real estate agent, finds herself inexplicably transported to a ruthless noble family in a bygone era. Thrust into the role of the ostracized Cassandra, Suzy grapples with navigating courtly intrigue and a loveless arranged marriage to a cold, calculating Duke, Ryan. As a mysterious figure surfaces, threatening the kingdom, Suzy uncovers a web of secrets that challenge everything she thought she knew. Can she solve the historical enigma while facing her growing feelings for the stoic Duke in a world determined to keep them apart? Dive into this captivating slow-burn romance woven with historical intrigue, suspenseful mystery, and a touch of comedic flair.
Latest updates: Chapter Twenty Six
Love Beyond compare
6 Love Beyond compare author:DaoisthwQj1v sort: urban 930 read
Love Beyond Compare \
Latest updates: Chapter 7
Embracing the Sociopath’s Heart [BL]
7 Embracing the Sociopath’s Heart [BL] author:Tizzz sort: urban 1430 read
#sliceoflife #friendship #mentalhealth Raven remains emotionless after losing all his swim team in a tragic accident, while Alaric bears the weight of his father's blame for not saving his schizophrenic mother. Alaric, part of a prominent medical family and owner of Harper Hospital, crosses paths with Raven. Raven, a significant project for the powerful mafia organization Corvus Noir. Their lives, twisted by fate. They shouldn't be together. They shouldn't know each other. Yet, Alaric, intrigued by Raven's sociopathic traits, descends into an inescapable love.
Latest updates: The Sole Surviver
GINKEN: Sea Storm
9 GINKEN: Sea Storm author:StrangeJelly sort: urban 18161 read